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Paragliding acrobatic flight video.

SIV basic course consist of these exercises:

  1. “Big ears”
  2. Wingover's
  3. Deep spiral
  4. Asimetrical frontal collapses (50-55%) without compensation
  5. Asimetrical frontal collapses (50-55%) with compensation
  6. Asimetrical frontal collapses (70-75%) without compensation
  7. Asimetrical frontal collapses (70-75%) with compensation
  8. Simetrical frontal collapses in different speeds 50-70-100% travel of accelerator
  9. Approaching to full stall
  10. Low speed full stalls
  11. Low speed spins

SIV PRO courses (available only after SIV basic course)

  1. Stalls from trim speed
  2. Spins from trim speed
  3. Sharp (rapid) 90 and 180 degree turns
  4. Twist situations
  5. Cravat disarming techniques
  6. Entry to aerobatics

Required qualifications: valid at least ParaPro 3 cat. pilot license and at least 80 flight hours experience with suitable security for yourself paraglider.

Course includes: 1 tandem flight with instructor, 12 independent flights above the water, pre-flight briefing and discussion after, the theoretical material before courses and onboard GoPro camera for video analyzing at evenings, campsite for tents.

Course takes: 3-4 flying days (depending on weather conditions and your talent/abilities) Up to 5 solo flights per day with radio instructions

Price: 650eur within technical tow-ups.

If needed we can rent EN/LTF-A / DHV-1 gliders for SIV courses 10eur/flight.

Registration: (group consists 4 to 8 pilots)

How it looks like:

All depends on weather !